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The Secret of the Holy Grail and the Discovery of the Elixir of Life (cont.)
By Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn

The Elixir

17th century pharmacy sign Paris

Before I had ever thought about writing a book on the Grail, Elixir or Philosophers Stone, I had released The Shining Ones and had just finished doing lots of publicity and radio. I was now, at this stage, looking around for something else to have a go at. Well, one night I lay in bed reading some fusty old book about alchemy.

I know others might have different ideas about what to do in bed, but this is my normal nightly routine – I am a real life Casanova.

It was about 1:00 am and I was having a cup of tea, when my wife, who was reading her medical journals, said something about snake venom and T-cells. It didn’t make any sense so I asked her to elucidate.

P Gardiner in Paris

She explained that scientists had found that certain elements of snake venom had been recently found to help T-cell replication. T-cells she said were the things that helped our immune system – keeping us alive.

Well, my mind went into overdrive as I already even at this stage knew a lot about serpents, dragons and their symbolic elements in the legends of Arthur and others. I instantly knew or was “enlightened” to the fact that this was a physical side of the symbolic immortality of the snake and so two years of research began into the snake, its myths and now, science.

What I found following an awful lot of scientific research and cross checking was that the unique proteins, peptides, polypeptides and enzymes found within snake venom had in fact been used by ancient man for thousands of years in all kinds of medical applications and that it was even amazingly mixed with the snakes or a hosts blood. This was the red and white mixing together to aid the health and boost the life of the individual. We amazingly found that this was mixed within a “mixing bowl” or skull and then drunk as an Elixir of Life and that this had then come down to us as one of the elements of the Holy Grail.

As snake venom is by dry weight 90% protein, the substance was also made into a “stone” or pill. We also found that snake venom has psychoactive properties which induce altered states of consciousness and mystical experiences, much akin to those needed for the true enlightenment experience. It was therefore seen physically as a method of meeting with the “gods”.

In both ways then, as a serious vitamin pill and as a key to the mystical world, the venom of the snake was a unique product.

To add to this we then found that the same “Christ” who it was said provided the blood of “everlasting life” in the chalice, was seen originally in early Christian and Gnostic cults, such as the Ophites or snake worshippers, as nothing more than a serpent himself!

“Just as Moses lifted up the brazen serpent in the wilderness, so too must Christ be lifted up” – says the Bible and so he was.

Brazen Serpent & Moses, Salisbury cathedral

Early Christians even had a Eucharist of the Agathodemon or “good serpent”, enacted with live snakes and a special chalice, and this became the fabled Holy Grail we all know so well today. In the early years of Christianity Jesus was even imaged as a snake on a Tau cross.

Going back to ancient Africa though, we noted the similarity even here of the crucified Christ and the serpent pinned to the tree. But what we also found was that these same people were then actually taking the various parts of the snake and using them for healing, with the saliva or venom producing glands being the most treasured.

Another side effect of taking the snake venom is the genetic malformations created by the huge amounts of protein and one of these malformations is cranial – thereby elongating the skull, just as those we found on Malta.

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