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The Secret of the Holy Grail and the Discovery of the Elixir of Life
By Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn

What is the Grail?

St Johns Chalice Bakewell England

In truth the Grail did not emerge strongly into the popular culture until around the 12th and 13th centuries with the familiar poems and stories written by Chretien de Troyes, Wolfram von Echenbach and others, but traces of its idea in Celtic cauldrons and various legends can and have been found.

It is believed basically and originally to be the cup that caught the blood of Christ as he hung from the cross or was even used by him at the last supper. The most recent beliefs are in stark contrast to this and yet still back up the Christ mythos and even various royalist propaganda as we shall see.

Ever since the publication of The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail by the authors, Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln in the early 80’s we have had a constant barrage of “bloodline” theories thrown at us, culminating in The Da Vinci Code hysteria we see today.

This recent concept gives us the idea that the original word or words used for the Grail; san graal in reality means ‘Holy Blood’. However, Walter Skeat (1835–1912 AD) was one of the greatest investigators of the roots of the English language and in his English Etymology, he points out that the etymology of the Holy Grail:

‘ . . . was very early falsified by an intentional change from San Greal (Holy Dish) to Sang Real (Royal Blood.)’

Skeat claims that the word was a corruption of the Low Latin, cratella, a “small bowl,” or “crater” which actually and originally meant a bowl in which things were mixed, from the Greek kpa – “I mix.”

Of course, before the evidence in The Serpent Grail is released then this etymology makes little or no sense, but as we shall see, all shall become clear.

St Johns Chalice Southwell England

But, there was more than the actual etymology of the 80’s theory that we needed to look at, in-order to “prove it to be incorrect” as we believed it was. In the first place and most strongly we have shown in the new book that Christ, as a literal man, and in all likeliehood all those surrounding him, may never have in fact existed and were created elements of a much older mystical language of enlightenment. Therefore both existing theories on the Holy Grail would fall. There can be no chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper or a vessel which caught his blood. There can also be no “children” of Christ spawning the Merovingian lineage. There is in fact no Bloodline at all and Christ is in reality an ancient serpent archetypal deity, as too are St. John, Horus, Aesculapius and a thousand others.

In-order to disprove the bloodline theory we also have to look at the infamous Priory of Sion nonsense. For those who know nothing of this Priory, it is simply a re-creation of a supposed secret organisation said to protect the bloodline of Christ by the fraudster Pierre Plantard. Indeed we even got hold of his early “Newsletters” and found that they were nothing more than a kind of ‘neighbourhood watch’. We shall reveal in our new version of The Shining Ones (due Sept 2006) that the whole thing was a complete fraud to bolster the ego of Mr Plantard and make money for the local hotelier at Rennes.

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