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Mysterious Medicine wheels appearing on skin (cont.)
By E.F.


...I would like to point out that these two medicine wheels are the exact opposite of each other. One is positive space and the other is negative space. In other words, what is imprinted on the person's skin in the left-hand photo is the background of the same "medicine wheel" and what is imprinted on the right-hand photo is the positive space, or the lines (or foreground) of the same medicine wheel. At least, that is what artists call it...positive and negative space...just to distinguish between the two. Not intended as judgment...


My response:

Dear L.,

Many thanks for your comment!
Yes, I have noticed, that they are some sort of negatives of each other.
Nonewithstanding, one has 16 spokes and the other 12. One has a rim on the outside.
One has lasted 6 days, the other lasted 4 months.
Therefore, if they are artifacts then they have to be made by different methods.
The persons are absolutely unknown to each other and I have not find yet a common "inspirative" source on the internet (this is not true after posting: some people may use it as template from now on).
What I have found thus far (Celtic wheel, Swiss pendants, etc.) are not as close to these, than they are to each other.
The only one who can make this up as a hoax is me.:)))
Kindest regards,


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