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Mysterious Medicine wheels appearing on skin (cont.)
By E.F.

Another related email exchange

"Dear Sir,
These wheels and cross patterns that appear on the skin are known to be caused by ring worm infestation. Anyone getting such markings should go to their doctor for treatment as soon as possible. The connection to matters "spiritual" is zero. The only connection might be that infection is spread within a community of fellow believers who interpret the "signs" as a "mark of the beast" or a "stigmata". Early Christians were known to believe that these markings were from their messiah. However modern science has proven that these patterns are caused by fungal infections of the skin. Easily treated with a washing using soap. Simply nothing to get worried about. However, despite what the medical community have to say, I notice that contact with ET or EBE or other "trans-dimensional beings" is often resulting in such various geometrical skin markings. My interpretation is that once again that it is nothing more than a fungal infection in the skin. Perhaps as a consequence of being touched by the alien beings. Within Catholic circles there was the famous case of Padre Pio in Italy who developed his famous "stigmata" on both hands. Their belief was and still is that these "stigmata" were paranormal in origin being equivalent to the scares of crucifixion experienced by their messiah. However it is more likely that Padre Pio simply had a skin disease.

A severe case of meningococcal meningitis in which the petechial rash progressed to gangrene and required amputation of all limbs. The patient, survived the disease and became a poster child for a meningitis vaccination campaign in New Zealand.

During 2005 I personally suffered a period of [shingles] Herpes Zoster. Which results in skin markings. One should always see a doctor so that these illnesses do not get to be something much more serious. If treated early the problems will be far less problematic.


My answer:

Dear Colleague,
I had skin disease in my mind like annular erythema, which can come up after tick bite and is a sign of spirocheta infection resulting in lyme disease. Dermatophytosis can also cause ring-like skin marks. However, those do not show a regular geometric pattern, far less these "spoked" wheel-like shapes (see illustrations). Please, send me one picture of dermatophytosis with this kind of regularity.

My dermatologists friends have no dermatological explanations (I came up with the idea of allergic dermatitis following the pattern of a pendant), they are mostly suspicious of fraud. Herpes zoster (shingles) presents with different skin marks (see picture).

Under hypnosis subjects can come up with strange skin marks as result of the suggestion. I am inclined to suppose an autosuggestive mechanism. Spiritual interest (common in the above cases) may be a predisposing factor in such an etiology.

I am open to explanations, another reason of the posting.


Images for comparison:

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