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Mysterious Medicine wheels appearing on skin (cont.)
By E.F.

A related email exchange

"Hello E, I first met you in Brazil... My curiosity (and, I must admit, skepticism) was piqued by a recent post of yours that ended up on Graham Hancock's website, about marks on two people's arms on the same morning.
How did you come across this phenomenon? Why do you trust it? I register my skepticism but am open to your evidence. Have the marks remained?
Best, K. W."

My answer to him:

"Dear K, Well, well. Artifact, but how? Hairdryer? Try it! I did. Contact allergy to some sort of a medal? Perhaps the red one. That one lasted for 6 days. What about the white one? It was scar-like and lasted 4 months. Then it disappeared without a trace. They denied having a medal nearby (A denial for what purpose? They did not know that I was going to post it years later). You can see, that the "technique" cannot be the same, and the two persons definitely did not have conscious agenda. Perhaps unconscious: "being the choosen one". Isn't this explanation intriguing on its own?

The ayahuasca case happened in 2008.
I examined the mark and saw the person being puzzled searching the Internet for answers.
I was suspicious about someone else making it.
However, the puzzle is yet open: how can it be made? Sucking the skin with a pipe? If he did: Qui prodest? Who is the benefactor? Having no clear explanation I burried the whole issue and forgot about it (but kept the photos).

Then last week a patient came to me (for the reason hearing about me as an open-minded psychiatrist) brought that picture with him and told me his story what happened 5 years ago. The two persons involved, did not know about the other, did not seem to have an "agenda", a conscious goal to have it. Spiritual interest, spiritual goals, can be a common denominator. The closest thing is some Christian believers' stigmata: producing Jesus' wounds on themselves. However, those believers have a preconcept about what to come up with. These persons apparently did not.


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