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David Frawley, Author of the Month for December 2008

The Vedic Literature of Ancient India and Its Many Secrets (cont.)
By David Frawley

Relevant Articles

The Secret of the Soma Plant by David Frawley

Shows how Soma is not just a single plant but part of an entire healing system using many plants and inner Yoga practices opening the inner Soma of bliss through the crown chakra.

Vedic Yoga, the Oldest Form of Yoga by David Frawley

Explains the mantra, pranayama and meditation approaches of the Rig Veda.

Vedic Origins of the Europeans: The Children of Danu by David Frawley

Discusses the Danu connection between the ancient Europeans and Vedic texts.

Sanskritization: A New Model of Language Developmentby David Frawley

Discussions the connections between Indo-European languages and possibly greater India based origins and influences.

The Vedas and Ancient Egypt by David Frawley

An overview of the similar spiritual orientations of Vedic and ancient Egyptian culture.

Secrets of the Yugas or World-Ages, adopted from Astrology of the Seers by David Frawley

Explains the Vedic view of 24,000 year yugas and their implications.

Keys to the Yugas or Cycles of the Ages by David Frawley

Studies Yukteswar's Yuga theory, adding to the longer yugas, shorter yugas to explain changes over current decades.

Vedic Origins of the Zodiac: the Hymns of Dirghatamas in the Rig Veda by David Frawley.

Knowledge of the Planets in the Third Millennium BCE, by Subhash Kak

Shows Vedic evidence for an early knowledge of the planets in India before 2000 BCE.

History in Our Genes: the Situation in Ancient India, by N.S. Rajaram

Shows how current genetics does not support any Aryan invasion or migration into India but only the continuity of native populations in India going back tends of thousands of years.

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