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The Celestial Spheres of the Great Pyramid; The Truth Behind the Legends (cont.)
By Richard E. Ford

Each of the eight triangles created by the plot is a right triangle, with angles of: 54°-36°-90 º. This triangle was considered sacred to the ancient Egyptians and was called mr or mer. They believe that God used this triangle when he laid out the universe and when he created Egypt, which they called Tomer, or Land of mr. Pythagoras and Euclid would later attach great significance to this triangle as well, believing it to be imbued with almost magical properties. If two of the triangles from the plot are combined to create one of 72°-54°-54°, as is depicted in the figure above, and then the surrounding circle is marked off into similar 72° segments, the familiar five-pointed star is created when the triangles' intersecting points with the surrounding circle are connected to one another. The five-pointed star was a mnemonic or memory device , which in this case was used by the ancient Egyptians to perform trigonometric calculations. The star also embodies two crossed arrowheads, which is the symbol of the most ancient goddess Neith, the Mother of the Gods.

The circle from the 3rd course of stones marked off into 72° segments

The five-pointed star, symbol of Neith, "Mother of the Gods"

In considering the coordinates from the Chamber's 5th course, their locations on the celestial sphere when projected downwards onto a flat surface, create the following plot:

The symbols created by the celestial coordinates in the 5th course of stones

The symbols created by this plot are pregnant with meaning, depicting as they do images that are almost universally understood to represent the earth and creation. The half circle is an Egyptian hieroglyph that represents the Earth.

There is more, much more. The other courses also depict symbols or patterns from the numerical data coded into them. The various symbols and patterns also reveal even more information when they are combined with one another. Other structures in the Pyramid reveal the terrestrial globe together with the lines that define both its orientation and movements, while still others reveal the star charts from the era of the Pyramid's construction. And the Great Flood, does the Pyramid speak to this unparalleled catastrophe as well? Yes. All this and more is coded into its stones, just as the ancient legends claimed. If these things are all true, then, to what age does the Pyramid belong?

About the author: Richard E. Ford is an independent scholar who has done extensive research into the purpose and meaning of the Great Pyramid, and has written of his findings in a recently published work of creative nonfiction, Lord of Eternity; Divine Order and the Great Pyramid. (Order at:

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