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The Celestial Spheres of the Great Pyramid; The Truth Behind the Legends (cont.)
By Richard E. Ford

The following table depicts the number of blocks in each course on each wall, according to the cardinal direction of the wall.

  North East South West
1st Row 2 1 3 1
2nd Row 7 5 8 4
3rd Row 6 4 6 4
4th Row 5 3 9 5
5th Row 7 5 10 5
Total 27 18 36 19

Number of blocks in each wall by row

Table 1

The following table depicts the products of these numbers when multiplied by the factor of 9.

1st Row 18 9 27 9
2nd Row 63 45 72 36
3rd Row 54 36 54 36
4th Row 45 27 81 45
5th Row 63 45 90 45

Angular or celestial coordinates in degrees

Table 2

The numbers from Table 2, ranging from 9-90, with their associated cardinal direction, are spherical coordinates. Each number from the north or south wall defines an angular measure of altitude and when paired with either a number from the east or west wall, each of which defines an angular measure of azimuth, yields a coordinate pair (e.g. 45º N, 36º W, 27 º S, 18 º E, etc.) that defines a specific location on the underside of a dome or half of a celestial sphere. If we were to stand under the night sky and look up at the heavens, we would perceive that the stars all appeared to be located equally distant from us in their positions in the firmament, which would have the appearance of the underside of a great dome surrounding us on all sides, from horizon to horizon. This dome is the visible half of the celestial sphere that surrounds the Earth. The zenith, or highest point of the dome from our perspective, is the point on the dome that is directly above us. It is from this vantage point, directly below the zenith, that we should properly consider the Chamber's coordinate pairs with our imagination's eye. Each pair from each of the Chamber's five courses can be plotted on the underside of the celestial dome.

The numbers derived from each course each provides four coordinate pairs. When each of the coordinate pairs are located on the celestial sphere and their locations are then projected downwards onto a flat surface, as a priest or navigator would do to create a plot, and then connected together with one another, they depict symbols-circles, parallelograms, and triangles-the stuff of geometry! The 1st, 3rd, and 5th courses depict symmetrical symbols; the 2nd and 4th courses depict asymmetrical ones.

In considering the coordinates from the Chamber's 3rd course, their locations on the celestial sphere when projected downwards onto a flat surface, create the following plot:

The symbols created by the celestial coordinates in the 3rd course of stones
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