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The Disappearance Of The Children Of Viracocha (cont.)
By Brien Foerster

Atahuallpa sent word back, by Chasqui (royal messenger) that he agreed to these terms, and, in fact, if Huascar so wished, Atahuallpa would return all lands given to him in stewardship by their father, and would return to Cuzco to serve the Sapa Inca in whatever capacity he deemed suitable.

Feeling a sense of ease, Huascar confirmed the titles to Atahuallpa that Manco capac had bestowed on him, and invited to half-brother to Cuzco to pay his respects, and take the oath of faithful, loyal allegiance. To this Atahuallpa agreed, and suggested that representatives from all of the districts of Quito could accompany him to Cuzco, in order to witness his pledge of allegiance, and to celebrate the life and works of their father, Huayna capac.

Huascar was delighted by these ideas, and gave free reign to Atahuallpa to bring whom he wished, and to depart for Cuzco at a date that he chose himself.

This is where the plot against Huascar began to take root; Atahuallpa chose, as his representatives, experienced army personnel who were secretly armed; the delegation was in fact a war party, 30,000 strong, whose intent was to capture Huascar and hold him prisoner. The elite of the Inca army had been stationed in Ecuador, both to protect Huayna capac, and also that is where their last military campaign had been conducted.

Just before Atahuallpa`s forces were about to enter the Cuzco area, they were observed by Huascar`s advisors, who warned the Inca that a delegation of 30,000 was far too large to be on a peaceful mission. They recommended that Huascar form a defensive strategy, immediately, which he did in earnest. All fighting men were summoned to Cuzco from the Tahuantinsuyu, and though they numbered 30,000 in number, few if any of them was in a battle-ready state, as peace had been the norm in this area for years.

Atahuallpa`s forces destroyed Huascar`s defenses in the course of a single day. He was captured and held prisoner under guard, day and night, and Atahuallpa sent news of this throughout the Tahuantinsuyu in order to discourage any ideas amongst Huascar`s loyal followers of rescuing the sovereign.

His next moves were even more insidious. He summoned all Inca family members of full blood to hasten to Cuzco at once, in order to formulate new laws that would ensure peace and tranquility between the two kingdoms. This was in plain fact a ruse; as soon as these royal descendants arrived, all were murdered in heinous ways, from Huascar`s uncles, aunts, and cousins, down to people of a fourth degree of familial relationship. Therefore, the majority of the bloodline of the Inca had been destroyed, forever, by the hand of one of their own, or at least a half blooded one.

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