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A Brief History Of The Incas; From Rise, Through Reign, To Ruin (cont.)
By Brien Foerster

He gave Atahuallpa (the half breed Inca) the area of Quito and the surrounding area which had been Atahuallpa’s mother’s traditional land, and the rest was left to Huascar, his second born full blood Inca son. Soon after Huayna capac died.

All was reasonably serene for about 5 years, and then Atahuallpa, not satisfied with his share, sent the highly trained Inca armies which had been in Quito to protect his father south, to confront Huascar.

Temple Of The Moon, Cuzco - Photo by Luna M.Flores

It was at this very time that Francisco Pizarro, on his third voyage to try to find the legendary Eldorado, or city of gold that Native informants to the north had told him existed in a southern land called “Pelu”, arrived on the scene. The rest you will have to explore for yourself by buying and reading my book!

If Huayna capac had not succumbed to an introduced disease and died, Pizarro probably would have had zero chance of achieving anything, because Huayna capac had access to a military force of at least 100,000 trained warriors, if not more. The division of the Tahuantinsuyu after his death caused immediate fracturing of all levels of Inca society, because instead of having one supreme Sapa Inca in control of every aspect of the society, now they had two, neither of which was fully trained to “walk in his father’s shoes.”

My book ends with the sacking of Cuzco, the royal, military, and governmental capital of the Tahuatinsuyu by Pizarro and his rag tag ( yes I am biased) group of soldiers of fortune, and the establishment of Lima as the new Spanish capital, in the 1530’s. The descendants of the Inca did try to rebel against the Spanish over the course of many decades, but were unsuccessful. This period I have found too depressing to write about.

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