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A Brief History Of The Incas; From Rise, Through Reign, To Ruin (cont.)
By Brien Foerster

Choquequirao, Apurimac Region - Photo by Luna M.Flores

The answer to this question is much more complicated than most people realize, and why it takes up almost one half of my book. I obviously will not give details of this, because I want you to read the whole version, and to do that you have to buy the book!

However, in a nutshell, as they say: from the dawn of the Inca civilization about the year 1200, until the reign of Huayna capac, about the year 1527, one thing was certain; the title of Sapa (highest) Inca was always transferred from father to the eldest son. The logic behind this may have been that since the Sapa Inca had to be knowledgeable in all aspects of Inca society, from warfare to government to agriculture and religion; his training had to begin almost at birth.

Therefore, to concentrate this education in the first born male heir made sense to them.

However, due to the introduction of western diseases that spread through the native population beginning in Panama, where the Spanish had a strong presence, down through Columbia and then Ecuador, Huayna capac and his first born son, Ninan cuyochi, both became infected. They were living near Quito, Ecuador at the time, more or less the northern border of the Inca civilization, called the Tahuantinsuyu (four corners of the world) and it was here that Huayna capacís favourite, son, Atahuallpa was born, of a royal Ecuadorian mother.

Ninan cuyochi died first, and this left Huayna capac with a true dilemma; the chain of father to first born entitlement was now broken, so what could he do? As the Tahuantinsuyu was now at its height of size and power, stretching from Quito and its northern environs south to present day Santiago de Chile, west to the Pacific, and east into the Amazon jungle , Huayna capac decided to divide it into two parts.

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