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A Brief History Of The Incas; From Rise, Through Reign, To Ruin (cont.)
By Brien Foerster

Sachsayhuaman, Sacred Valleyy - Photo by Luna M.Flores

The amazing precision of their seamless and mortar free stone masonry, exacting celestial observations, and complicated but humane societal structure was not only fascinating to me, but has been the subject of scholars and academics for 500 years.

On this first trip, I scoured the bookshops of Cuzco for a nice, small, and affordable book, in English, that described the Inca culture, from origin to their downfall, with no luck. How could this be?

Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley - Photo by Luna M.Flores

There were beautiful full colour “coffee table books,” and scholarly treaties, but no small pocket books that satisfied my need.

Upon my return to Canada, I continued to learn what I could from library books and the internet about the Inca. And on 6 more trips to Peru over 3 years, my taste for Incan information was still not quenched, and the elusive little Inca book was still nowhere to be found.

So, upon the encouragement of my fiancée and her family, I began to compile what would become “A Brief History Of The Incas” in the winter of 2009/2010, and had the book published in Lima in April of this year. I chose a Peruvian based publishing company because the owners are friends of my Peruvian family, and since the topic is the Inca, as much of the business side of the book should profit the descendants of their land.

The main question that really puzzled me after much research and “on site” observations was, how could 160 mainly untrained Spanish soldiers of fortune defeat an army of at least 10,000 trained Inca warriors? Even ( and pardon the bad joke ) if each of the Inca soldiers had one rock, or indeed a potato, they could have stoned ( or potatoed ) the Spanish to death.

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