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Ancient Signposts (cont.)
By Arthur Faram

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Ancient Signposts

Ancient Signposts

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During the time that the information for this book was being collected the research of ancient history has progressed exponentially. On a weekly basis there is a newspaper or periodical article about another ancient structure or civilization being discovered somewhere in the world. Just a few decades ago there was no idea that civilized man had existed for so long.

As you read the book you will see history unfolding before your eyes. Many times it will not go in the direction in which we have been taught. In response to that we should ask ourselves; how much proof was provided to confirm the information which has been given to us previously? Most likely we took the information at face value because it was the only information available. In the book “Ancient Signposts” the reader will be provided with as much cooperating proof of the information presented, using satellite photos and documented history, as practically possible. Much information will be validated by physical evidence, while some will be proven with hard facts. Other information can be verified by the flow of historical facts surrounding it. In this manner it is hoped that the reader will come to trust the information presented.

Evidence is presented revealing the origin of the Egyptian, Mayan, and Chinese Pyramids, in addition to showing how they are related. The meaning of mysterious Nazca Lines in Peru is revealed. You will learn that many tribes recorded as American Indians were in fact assimilated from continents other than Asia. The reader will learn that a land claim on North America occurred at least 10,000 years ago. Evidence is presented that ties a famous American structure with a 7500 year old Egyptian geoglyph. The reader may be shocked to learn that South America was mapped and colonized over 10,000 years ago.

The book presents undeniable evidence that North and South America were inhabited by Europeans prior to the voyage of Columbus. The book also outlines how the existence of the United States was almost thwarted by the invasion of Mexico City by Hernando Cortez in 1519. “Ancient Signposts” presents geoglyphs that show the geography of the world has been known for millennia.

If you have an open mind, are a fan of ancient history, and want information that is backed by proof rather than theories, you will find that “Ancient Signposts” will change your paradigm on the evolution of man.

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