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Ancient Signposts (cont.)
By Arthur Faram

Glyphs and Geoglyphs

Glyph - A glyph can be any design that is used to convey a message.
Geoglyph - A geoglyph is a glyph that occurs on the ground.
Bearing - A bearing refers to the direction that any line formed by a geoglyph points in relation to "True North". True North is used because as soon as you begin tracing a magnetic line away from the source, magnetic deviation becomes a factor. Magnetic Deviation exists all over the world and renders magnetic headings useless over long distances because of the error it causes in a magnetic bearing. True headings can be derived from celestial observation, GPS, and computer software which are tied to satellite photos. These methods produce True Headings which are not distorted by Magnetic Deviation.
Radials - Radials are bearings after they leave the source. Radials remain a straight line because no magnetic distortion has taken place while moving away from the source. Once a direction away from the source is plotted it must be traversed on a true course, not a magnetic course, in order to avoid magnetic deviation.

Geoglyphs, for the most part, are so large that they can only be recognized from the air. The civilizations that constructed these signposts either had the capability of flight, or had an advanced knowledge of mathematics and astronomy well beyond anything we could have imagined for the time. I have visited some sites on the ground and even knowing they are there I find them difficult to locate.

The glyphs take on several forms. Some take the form of a triangle, another might be one or more circles, and another may be one or more lines touching or crossing each other. No mater what shape a glyph takes, any line can be a pointer to a place important to the creator of that glyph.

Geoglyph Examples

Left: Star Glyph Nazca, Peru, Right: Celeta Horno Glyph, Argentina
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Ancient archeological locations, many previously unknown, are identified in “Ancient Signposts”. In the book you will learn that the exploration of Caral Peru was coming to a close, due to lack of artifacts, until Geoglyphology revealed it as the capitol of a territory spanning the entire continent of South America.

The accuracy of the calculations of the ancient peoples is incredible. The GPS accuracy of the software program is seldom more accurate than the orientations of the ancient geoglyphs. By calculating the bearing at the source one can follow the extended radial, by satellite and computer, for sometimes thousands of miles and locate an abandoned, and sometimes unknown urban area, with little or no error.

The evidence revealed in "Ancient Signposts" covers the evolution of civilizations from before Egyptian times to the colonization of the Americas. While performing the research for the book it was discovered that down through time ancient groups left a legacy of geoglyphs on the shores and highlands of land masses around the world. Well known examples are the geoglyphs at Nazca Peru. The reason the Nazca Lines and other geoglyphs were not discovered until recently is that they are too large to be seen from the ground. And so it is with most geoglyphs. Geoglyphs exist on every continent and many islands around the world. Extensive research on geoglyphs shows that they are all related in the protocols used in their formation.

The geoglyphs in the book range in age from the 10,000 year old Ruins at Caral, Peru, to the 250 year old streets of Washington, DC. The book “Ancient Signposts” will be of particular interest to individuals that are interested in knowing the true story about the evolution of a privileged and dedicated group of people that have shaped the history of our world.

The adventure you will experience in “Ancient Signposts” will amaze you, entertain you, surprise you, and, if you have an open mind, will convey information which has heretofore been restricted to speculation. It is no easy task to change the centuries of misinformation, thrown at the citizens of the world, disguised as history. There are many reasons for this deception, but history is forever and should be recorded faithfully. You will see in the signposts, left by the ancients, exists a true recording of the evolution of civilizations over many millennia.

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