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The Singularity, Infomania, and Programmed Reality (cont.)
By Jim Elvidge

Putting all of this together, we can actually make some predictions about our future. Specifically, and for the purpose of the argument of this paper, Programmed Reality predicts the following:

Any impending civilization-ending trend will always reverse.

Here’s why: If we are indeed in a programmed reality, we can say one of two things about the course of the program. Either:

1. We will end this reality at some point and begin another one.
2. We will continue to “play the game.”

In the first case, I would argue that the civilization-ending trend merely gets erased, which is an extreme example of reversal. In the second case, there is an incentive for the “programmers” to maintain a construct that allows us to continue to play. Such a construct is inconsistent with the idea of a civilization-ending event.

Another prediction is:

The Singularity will not occur.

The Singularity, while not civilization-ending, is certainly a type of event that will destroy life, reality, and civilization, as we know it. Therefore, by the argument above, it will not happen. If it does, then I would have to concede that Programmed Reality is not a likely description of our reality.

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