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DNA: Evidence of Intelligent Design or Byproduct of Evolution? (cont.)
By Jim Elvidge

So, it is possible that the pure informational structure of space begins at the Planck level. That would mean that the “program” is controlling information at that fine of a resolution. Of course, it could even be finer than that. The quantum mechanical strangeness found at the Planck level may simply be due to the physics of the program, unattainable to our perception due to these laws, while reality is actually constructed at an even deeper level. Alternatively, the physical laws that cause quantum mechanical properties may be just rules of the program, whereas the granularity of reality is courser than the Planck level. All of these three options are possible in a programmed reality. All we really know is that it is currently beyond our capacity to resolve. In any case, the informational content of reality is deeper than the base pairs on DNA strands. But it doesn’t mean that information can’t exist in a higher level construct, just as cells in a spreadsheet contain data, but the presentation of that spreadsheet is done by a program at a much deeper level. The question is whether or not the information contained in the DNA code is indicative of intelligence. Is there some sort of “signature” or “watermark” in the code? Some evidence of intelligence that has nothing to do with the functioning of the molecule? So far, there isn’t, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be looking for it.


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