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The Odds of Contacting ET Are Nil, Despite That They Are Already Watching (cont.)
By Jim Elvidge

Again, this is all likely in just hundreds of years and based on what we know now. Remember that billions of billions of civilizations may be millions of years beyond that. We can't even imagine what they can do.

So, if the Drake equation factors are at all close to being correct (and I have taken a conservative view on most of them), or are even off by factors of billions in the wrong direction, there would still have to be civilizations out there that are able to conquer space, mind, and matter at will, know of our existence, and are already monitoring us. Are they really a threat to fly in tin cans across the galaxy to mine our gold or souls, sometimes even crashing in the desert? Do we really need to worry about alerting them of our presence? It is simply illogical. They are already watching. The reason that we are not aware of them is that we are not yet ready to be aware of them, and so they easily remain hidden.

Of course, all of this presupposes that we live in the physical reality that most of us think we do. There is another theory that explains our apparent loneliness. It also explains why the Universe appears to be so finely tuned, offers the only explanation of why space and time are quantized, and is the only theory that explains all know quantum anomalies as well as metaphysical ones. That theory is Programmed Reality. We may indeed be alone, for now. But when we are ready, our programmers may have a nice surprise in store for us. Much as European explorers discovered an entire continent of humans from another race, once they were ready enough to cross the Atlantic in the 15th century, so might we be given the opportunity to discover our cosmic brethren, once we are socially and technologically prepared to do so.

So, if reality is conventional and physical, there are most likely many advanced civilizations watching us, aware of our existence, waiting until we are ready before revealing themselves. If reality is virtual, our cosmic programmer is watching us, having enabled our existence, waiting until we are ready before revealing the next level of reality. Either way, we are not alone.


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