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The Odds of Contacting ET Are Nil, Despite That They Are Already Watching (cont.)
By Jim Elvidge

The Evil ET Mining Company

But there is a second science/sci-fi meme that I also find highly illogical. And that is that malevolent ETs may want to mine our dear old earth for some sort of mineral. Really? Are we to believe that ET has figured out how to transcend relativity to exceed the speed of light, power a ship across the galaxy using technology far beyond our understanding, but still have an inability to master the control of the elements? We have been transmuting elements for 70 years. Even gold was artificially created by bombarding mercury atoms with neutrons as far back as 1941. Gold could be created in an accelerator or nuclear reactor at any time, although to be practical from an economic standpoint, we may need a few years.

Molecular Assembler

However, if gold, or any particular element, was important enough to be willing to fly across the galaxy and oppress another civilization for, then economics should not be an issue. Simple nuclear technology can create gold far easier than it can power a spaceship at near light speeds through space. Even complex molecules, if not producible via chemical reactions, can always be created with molecular assemblers. Molecular assembly is a concept in nanotechnology whereby molecules are built and combined with atomic precision. Given the state of the art on Earth, we expect molecular assemblers to be feasible within a few decades.

Even if our space-traveling friends need something on Earth that can't possibly be obtained through technology, would they really be likely to be so imperialistic as to invade and steal our resources? From the viewpoint of human evolution, as technology and knowledge has developed, so have our ethical sensibilities and social behavior.

Despite the fact that on our planet, we still oppress our fellow humans for economic gain, wage wars in the names of archaic religious concepts, and broadcast embarrassing pop culture programming, by and large we have advanced our ethical values along with our technological advances considerably over the past few centuries. There is no reason to think that these wouldn't also go hand in hand with any other civilization.

So while I understand that science fiction needs to have a compelling rationale for ET invasion to make for a good story, I fail to understand the fear that some scientists have that extraterrestrials will actually get all Genghis Khan on us.

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