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Earth gyration & climate change (cont.)
By Hendrik G. Dirker

During the golden era Osiris ruled over all Egypt (precessional eqiunox: Sun on Equator/apex of projected pyramid = stable upright polar axis). As time precessed a ¼ rotation by, Seth executed a dynastic coup, killing Osiris, who departed into the in the starry sky of the Duat (entering perpendicular night divide), where he established an afterworld kingdom... Seth now rules the territory (precessional solstice: chaos reigns, axial tilt). Seth claimed he was defending himself... the two territories perpetually 'compete' as Earth rotates precessionally, exposing one to the Sun, the other facing opposite, into the dark Duat. Seth claimed Osiris attacked him when becoming 'lengthy of stride'. Observation of the model reveal that the two intersecting axes of the Earth (legs) are in alignment, then with precessional rotation they appear to move apart (walk).

Horus, the Falcon god of the sky, was cloned to avenge his 'father' and goes in pursuit of his uncle and after an epic time returns the eye (Sun) to the throne of Osiris. I associate Horus with 'bringing the Sun' to Osiris (or his geometrical, geographical anatomy) as Earth precesses into sunlight: 'that which belonged to Seth is then given to Horus' -i.e. the portion that belonged to Seth, that was previously in darkness, is then illuminated by the Sun. Osiris walked out shining... resurrected from death.

Arbitration resulted in a power share, equally dividing the geography. The two sectors house two seats of power -the two crowns of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt, ruled by Osiris and Seth. Horus initially occupied a seat of power (his father's) in Lower Egypt and Seth ruled Upper Egypt. The arbiters then awarded Horus with the entire topography, whereupon the eye was reclaimed and Seth lost his share. In competing over the geometrical anatomy of Osiris/Orion, Horus forfeited the eye -set in profile of Upper Egypt, which was awarded to Seth, while Seth forfeited the testicles (in Lower Egypt) of the lord Osiris to Horus. The sector of Seth rotates and is again exposed to the Sun, thus Horus becomes the uniter…

The reunification of the Two Lands is symbolised in the double crown -the White Crown of Upper Egypt and the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. On a cycloptic scale it's the Globe, divided into Two (portions) of Earth(s) -one in darkness, the other illuminated by the Sun. Egypt, but notably the Earth, has a red crown (Australia) and a white crown (Antarctica). The two slowly encirce the Ecliptic pole during a precessional revolution and occupy the celestial pole at the two respective precessional peaks. (Antarctica remains the pole of Earth's spin axis throughout). The Globe should thus be oriented accordingly: with its crown/s at the top... The cycle of precession enacts the mythical division and reunification of the Two Lands by interfacing celestial topography anthropomorphically.

Observation of the interaction of the polar axis and the various constellation ideograms reveals interesting symbolism -clearly the zodiac was mapped by the same intelligence that initiated the great monuments. The Sphinx faces sunrise and the base line (tepi), is locked onto the Ecliptic of that age, its back to the equinox sunset (double headed lion figure). The triangle (tooth/thorn) performs a see-saw in relation to the horizontal balance of the Ecliptic, emulating the scales of ma'at. The transit from one era to another -division and subsequent reunification -Zep Tepi enacted all over, as if it were the fist time…

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