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Star Beings In Stone? —A Rock Art Site In Central South Africa (cont.)
By Gary A. David

LEFT: Petroglyph of flying saucer ascending (?).
RIGHT: Petroglyph of cone-shaped rocket (?).

Credo Mutwa claims that creatures from a star in Orion once lived in pre-human times on the Earth and built a huge subterranean metropolis in the heart of Africa.

“Before human beings were created on this planet, there had existed a very wise race of people known as the Imanyukela. These people had come from the constellation known to white people as Orion, and they had inhabited our earth for thousands and thousands of years. And that before they had left our earth to return once more to the sacred Spider constellation, they made a great evacuation under the earth, beneath the Ruwensory [Rwenzori] Mountains—the Mountains of the Moon. And deep in the bowels of Mother Earth, the Imanyukela built a city of copper buildings. A city with a wall of silver all around it. A city built at the huge mountain of pure crystal. The mountain of knowledge. The mountain from which all knowledge on earth comes. And a mountain to which all knowledge on earth ultimately returns.”[12]

The Hopi also have a female spider figure named Kokyangwuhti, who usually assists people in their quests and was present during the origin of humankind. The Hopi, incidentally, acknowledge four races of people. Spider Grandmother gathered four colors of mud –black, white, yellow, and red– and mixed them with her saliva in order to create these four races, each with its own basic language. Humans were, by the way, created in the image of the sky god Sótuknang. In addition, the Hopi have many legends of what they call “flying shields.”

Hopi drawing of their sky god Sótuknang. Because of his control of lightning, he is associated with Pálulukang.

Driekopseiland “Spaceman” engraving next to trapdoor spider and burrow (above). Rob Milne believes that the depiction of the eight legs would be superfluous, because the spider is stationary. The trapdoor spider is a nocturnal insect. Credo Mutwa claims that Orion is the Spider constellation.
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