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An Ancient Hindu Royal Throne
By Deepak Bhattacharya

H - Conclusion

The composite motif as crowning members of a mono-block seat indicates it to be a royal thrown associated with the historical nomenclature Kesari.

The composite motif is the royal insignia of the imperial Yayati - II.

This Singahasana prima facie is that of the medieval Orissan monarch Yayati-II (1025 – 1040). It is the Singhasana of the Kesari Kula (Kesari Dynasty). Above dates then make this throne approx. 950 yrs.old. It is not a seat meant for icons. Maratha under the Bhonsle may have installed the made to order Varada Ganesha on it. This is also a Hindu royal throne & the best preserved specimen. The simpler model appears as its fore-runner; a evolutionary trail is also noted.

Yayati kesari II, Narasingha of kimbadanti (popular tradition) & the 1st Vaishnava king of Orissa are one & the same.

I - Acknowledgement

Grateful thanks to temple sebayat Mr. Balaram dikshit; trust board member Mr. Gobinda Chandra Pattanaik both of Kali gali for allowing physical examination of the throne, taking photographs, measurements & providing ref No. 2. Er. S P Gantayat Ex engineer in chief cum secretary works- Orissa & Mr. Dibakar Panda, caretaker Bharati mutth for private communication & topical discussions is thankfully acknowledged. I thank Dr. Bhagaban Panda Ex editor Directorate of Culture-Orissa for having assisted with lexicons & sanskrit components. Special mention need be done of Mr. Sarat Kumar mahapatra of SJRC, Puri who in-spite of ill health & old age accompanied me, exposed me to the archaeology at Badu mahapatra site & numerous others during my visits to Puri, he also provided valuable study material & long hours of learned discussion. But for such invaluable physical help this paper may not have been possible now.

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