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By Deepak Bhattacharya 1 & P. C. Naik
Edited by Christopher F. Ash

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Associated Mythology, if Any

According to the mythology associated with Nataraja at Chidambaram (Tamil Nadu, latitude +10 degrees), Nataraja appeared there for a second time. It's first appearance was in the forest of Tarakka.2 If the location pattern of shaivic sites at Bhubhaneswar (Ekamra) can be accepted as the forest of TARAKKA, to the exclusion of all alternatives (no other being available or offering so much similarity in the whole of the Indian subcontinent and elsewhere) It follows that our NAKSHETRA or TARAKKA's foundation in mind (and perhaps as well in embryonic physical form) may have been between 29000 BC and 23000 BC - that is, the previous precession cycle of Orion!

The 2nd appearance of Orion at latitude +10 degrees (Chidambaram / Nataraja Monument) correlates well, as we calculate that a Orionis crossed it or crossed the Kaveri basin just a few thousand years ago! Certainly no people were better-positioned to enjoy, and be influenced by, the spectacular celestial phenomenon described in the body of this paper than those living between latitude +20 degrees and latitude +10 degrees (right below the zenith position of Orion). Might those living at this latitude have been sufficiently inspired to reflect the constellation on the ground in architecture?

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