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By Deepak Bhattacharya 1 & P. C. Naik
Edited by Christopher F. Ash

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Nakshetra and Tarakka and Vedic Time

We have earlier opined that Rik Veda is a concise ode to the Cosmos, in limited diction, composite words, in the present, continuous tense. It is established that the geography of the Rik Veda centers around Jagya Soma (kalapurusha / Shiva / Orion of later times).

What the findings outlined in this paper seem to indicate is that this very constellation, in its previous cycle, was visually aligned over latitude +8 degrees (India's southern tip) between 36,000 B.C. and 10,000 B C, that it moved in from the south (sea), visibly went up to central India (Vindhyachal - Satpura valley / tropic of Cancer) and returned. We suggest possibly that the very stargazing society that wove its life around such a constellation may have taken on a similar migration path! If this civilization be called Vedic, its historical terminus may coincide with the above dates and its movement follow the same route from south India and back. If so, this civilization and its belief systems are likely 100% indigenous.

At this point it is difficult to comprehend intelligent and articulate human life beyond 36,000 B.C. With such a paradigm, however, it is equally difficult to comprehend Vedic culture to have descended from the northern latitudes or Hindukush.

What is relevant to the context is that such a star-gazing society could have migrated with the Kalapurash. Thus Kalapurusha ( Orion ) became a celestial guide, initially on land and then on sea .

Over sea, the distances were not only far greater but also far in-between, direct sailing being not possible ( the vessel had to remain close to shore ) a radiating pattern was traced in the sky ; i.e. our Nakshetra .

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