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Tarakka: Ancient Monuments of Bhubaneswar as Reflections of Stars
By Deepak Bhattacharya 1 & P. C. Naik 2
Edited by Sharif Sakr

Materials and Method

Extensive field study was conducted, covering all the ancient archaeological sites in the Ekamra Heritage Zone. A map of heritage sites in Bhubaneswar was superimposed on a star map in order to judge correspondence (Exp. 1). A theodolite survey was then conducted in order to obtain accurate measures of the angular relationships between ancient structures in Bhubaneswar (Exp. 2). Ecclesiastical practices, mythic lore and architectural phenomena associated with each ancient site were noted, and compared with the Siddhanta lore surrounding the geometrically-correlated stars and constellations. All data were fed into three-dimensional imaging software to produce accurate virtual images of the ancient buildings, stars, and their correlation (Exp 3.). This has never been done before in India.

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