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Tarakka: Ancient Monuments of Bhubaneswar as Reflections of Stars
By Deepak Bhattacharya 1 & P. C. Naik 2
Edited by Sharif Sakr

Third Tier of the Tarakka

The star-temple correlations in the third, outer tier of the Tarakka pattern are summarised below in Figure 9.

Figure 9
Fig. 9 - Table showing correlations in third tier.

We will now discuss in detail the non-geometric relationships between certain temples and their correlating stars.

Figure 10
Fig. 10 - Diagram showing Cassiopeia constellation.

The star Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo, and it correlates amazingly with the site of a very ancient Mayuran Lion centre. This centre was demolished at some point in history, converted into a massive Linga and subsequently into a Siva temple called Bhaskareswar. The roof of this temple is characterised by flame-like wisps of sculpted stone, which give a fiery or Sun-like impression. Fire and the Sun are both associated with the Leo constellation in Western and Eastern star-lore. In Western and Eastern astrology for example, Leo's ruling planet is the Sun and its element is Fire.

The five stars of Cassiopeia correlate with five temples on the ground, not only in terms of their positions relative to the central position of Rudra/Parasurameswar, but also in terms of their positions relative to each other. The five stars of Cassiopeia are arranged in an extended W-shape, and this is well mirrored in the relative positions of the five temples on the ground. A diagram of the Cassiopeia constellation is show in Fig.10, and the correlation is summarised in the table in Fig. 11 below.

Again we find that before these Hindu temples, this site had Buddhist architecture that was deconstructed and converted into Hindu architecture. Following this history, the Lord Lingaraj travels from his own temple to this site to represent his victorious banishment of the Buddhists from Kalinga.

Figure 11
Fig. 11 - Table showing Cassiopeia correlation.
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