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The Orion Key: Unlocking the Mystery of Giza (cont.)
By Scott Creighton

The dimensions of the three main pyramids at Giza are shown to agree proportionally with the three bases produced by the Orion Geo-Stellar Fingerprint – a clear connection between the Orion Belt Stars and the Pyramids at Giza. Furthermore, what we also find is that three lines can be passed through each of the three main pyramids of the Geo-Stellar Fingerprint that allow us to also place the Queens Pyramids of Menkaure and Khufu (Figure 12 and Figure 13).

Figure 12
Figure 12 - Intersecting Lines Through Main Pyramids Place Queens Pyramids
Figure 13
Figure 13

It seems somewhat ironic that the mathematical ‘solution’ to the Giza layout sought by so many over so many years was sought by some individuals in order to disprove Bauval’s Orion hypothesis and yet what we now find is that the Orion belt stars actually held the key to the mathematical design solution – the Giza Blueprint – that these individuals had been so keen to discover.

But the Orion influence at Giza does not end there. There is more - much more.

Whilst the Orion Geo-Stellar Fingerprint presents highly compelling evidence on its own of a direct (mathematical) connection between the three Giza pyramids and the Orion belt stars, independent corroboration of such an association is desirable in order to further strengthen the hypothesis. If it could be shown that other pyramid structures at Giza also have a demonstrable connection with the Orion belt stars (out with the obvious placement of these structures within the Orion Geo-Stellar Fingerprint – Figure 13) then this would provide the independent corroboration required to prove the Orion-Giza hypothesis – if not conclusively – then certainly beyond reasonable doubt.

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