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The Orion Key: Unlocking the Mystery of Giza (cont.)
By Scott Creighton

In Search of the Master Key

Whether the pyramids at Giza were constructed as ‘singularities’ or as part of some greater scheme, it is not unreasonable to surmise that the builders would have followed plans of some kind. Alas, however, no blueprints of any Giza pyramid have ever been recovered.

However, even in the absence of any actual plans, it may still be possible to uncover the blueprint the ancient builders may have used to lay out and define the dimensions of the Giza monuments – and we can perhaps achieve this by reverse-engineering the geometry of the in-situ structures. The logic is simple - if the Giza pyramids were constructed as part of some pre-defined ‘master plan’ then it naturally follows that there would exist some guiding principle common to all three pyramids, an underlying design imperative – in short a ‘key’ to unlocking the Giza blueprint. Finding this ‘key’ would – in theory – demonstrate that the pyramids of Giza were not simply placed in an ad-hoc fashion on the whim of three successive Pharaohs. If such a design key can be found for the main pyramids an their queens this will provide powerful evidence that Giza was a unified, cohesive plan set out long before a single limestone or granite block was ever put in place. And it goes without saying but if this can be demonstrated then mainstream Egyptology has a much bigger problem and a lot of explaining to do.

The Key

Over the years the internet has spawned a veritable plethora of geometrical-mathematical offerings that attempt to seek the answer to the question of how the three main Giza pyramid base dimensions were arrived at and how the other satellite pyramids were placed in relation to these. So far, however, none of these offerings provides anywhere near a complete, cohesive solution to this vexing question; the master ‘key’ to unlocking the Giza blueprint remaining frustratingly elusive.

It has already been stated in the opening to this article that Robert Bauval has long argued that the 3 main Giza Pyramids were built and laid out on the ground at Giza as symbolic representations of the three belt stars of the Orion constellation and has provided considerable contextual evidence from the Pyramid Texts in support of his hypothesis. Assuming then that Bauval’s hypothesis is correct, could it be possible that the belt stars of Orion might reveal to us other aspects of the Giza pyramid design? Might it be possible that the belt stars of the Orion constellation could have been used as the ‘template’ from which to define the actual geometrical base dimensions of the three main Giza pyramids and allow us also to explain the somewhat puzzling and contradictory alignment and placement of the two sets of Queens pyramids? In short - could the Orion belt stars be the elusive design ‘key’; the underlying Giza design imperative sought by so many for so long? Can it be shown that Giza is the product of a pre-defined plan that the vast majority of Egyptologists dismiss?

Well, let us see.

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