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The Great Pyramid and the Axis of the Earth - Part 2 (cont.)
By Gary Osborn and Scott Creighton

See diagrams in Fig 11 below:

Figure 11 - The Degree Values of the Angles are Reflected in the Number of Course Layers

Note, that this leaves 26.5 courses between the floors of the QC and the KC.

50 - 23.5 = 26.5.

26.5º is the angle of both the Ascending and Descending Passages - 26.3º to be exact. We are now certain that the value of 26.5º is also part of the code associated with the tilt of the Earth's Axis and this is something we are yet to reveal.

Staying with the "random points" argument, and based on how we view things, one question that has been asked many times is this:

"Why anchor these angles to the abstract centres of the chambers? There is nothing substantial at the centres to use as a reference point, only empty space".

Well certainly the E/W cross-section image of the GP that many of us have become familiar with and which shows the planned internal features of the GP would have been one of the more important blueprints in the construction of the GP. And we should note that the 'intangible' point centres of the chambers would have also been included for positioning purposes - especially if a grid was employed in the overall plan.

The architects understood that to incorporate these geodetic angles in the geometry the angles from each of the three vertices would have to intersect at a central point. Aside from the 'point centre' of the pyramid, which would only express a limited number of values, the obvious choice would be two or three chambers; and aside from their practical positioning purposes, the point centres of the chambers would also be the most logical choice on which to anchor these angles because there are numerous physical features to choose from. Choosing any one of them would leave room for doubt, because there is always an element of uncertainty . . . as in "should they intersect somewhere on the sarcophagus?" . . . and . . . "what values would we get if we measure the angles from the three points to the corner of the 'Great Step'?"

We can see then that the otherwise 'intangible' centres of the chambers are the most logical choice one would make when measuring the angles from the three vertices of the GP. The centres of the chambers are simply the most central part of the chamber, and in finding that the values of these angles are consistent, in that together they present a geodetic picture of the earth in association with the GP's location, there is no room for doubt that the centres of the chambers is where the angles from the three vertices of the GP are supposed to intersect so as to present the picture we were supposed to see.

To see the beauty of all this it's time we revealed the hidden picture that is centred on the King's Chamber . . .

An Unknown Fact:

The Hidden Geodetic Picture Encoded
Within the Geometry of the Great Pyramid

Earlier we mentioned that there is a good reason why this perpendicular angle of 23.5º connecting both chambers would have to exist and be present within these alignments, and this is because this particular angle would represent the Equatorial Plane.

Taking our diagram of the tilted Earth with the location of the GP as shown in fig. 1, it is a fact that that we can superimpose our diagram of the Great Pyramid, complete with the angles we have found, over the diagram of the tilted Earth and find that everything aligns perfectly - the correct N-S orientation of the GP and these angles also being an important factor or dynamic.

Figure 12 - The Great Pyramid superimposed over the Earth revealing the Geodetic Information hiding in plain sight within the Geometry of the Great Pyramid

The 23.5º angle that runs from the south vertice and through the centre of the KC represents the Earth's Celestial or Polar Axis.

We find that the extended red lines on which the King's Chamber is centred now represent the squared Ecliptic Plane and the Ecliptic Pole. Again the Earth is tilted 23.5-degrees in respect of the ecliptic.

Everything centres on the KC, which means that symbolically, the King's Chamber represents the core-centre of the Earth.

For many this is the most sacred chamber in the pyramid, so in terms of any religious, mystical or esoteric significance we may attribute to this particular chamber, could this chamber represent anything less?

This means that anyone making their way up the ascending passage and then climbing upwards through the Grand Gallery to enter this chamber is really making a symbolic journey to the centre of the Earth . . . the centre of our reality even.

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