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The Great Pyramid and the Axis of the Earth - Part 2 (cont.)
By Gary Osborn and Scott Creighton

Again, this alignment which illustrates that the upper shafts are offset by 6.5º from the apex as well as those of the lower shafts, further verifies the 'mean difference' of approximately 6.5 degrees in the angles of the upper and lower star shafts.

However, as we will see later, the angle of 6.5º has more significance in that it also relates to the location of the GP on the Earth - i.e., the GP coming as close as almost 6.5º from the Ecliptic.

Again, assuming that we don't know where it is going or what it is pointing to, we will now plot the angle of 23.5º from the second point - the south vertice.

Figure 4 - The angle of 23.5º from the south vertice

Further confirmation that both these angles plotted from two of three points do indeed correlate with each other directly thereby confirming their meaningful, geodetic relationship with the GP and its location, is determined by the fact that both these angles intersect each other within half a degree of the point-centre of the King's Chamber (see Appendix, 'Precise Angles').

And in doing so and in respect of the enormous size of the GP, they give the height of the King's Chamber and its N-S position within the GP. (See Fig. 5).

Figure 5 - The angles of 23.5º and 6.5º intersect the centre of the King's Chamber thereby giving its position within the GP

By chance these angles could have crossed each other anywhere within the vast internal dimension of the GP, but they intersect at the centre of the King's Chamber.

So far so good . . . but what about the 'third point' - the north vertice in our diagram of the GP in cross-section? Does this present anything of significant value?

There are only two main chambers we know of inside the Great Pyramid. One of these is the King's Chamber - the position of which has already been determined by the geodetic/GP-locale-related angles from the first two points.

The other is the Queen's Chamber.

The central axis of the GP actually runs through the centre of the Queen's Chamber as shown above by the vertice of its shafts and we know that the chamber is positioned just above this vertice.

Based on what we have already discovered with the King's Chamber, and again using our scale drawing, the next logical step would be to measure the angle beginning from the north vertice to the centre of the Queen's Chamber.

To fit the emerging picture and provide further evidence that will take us one more step beyond any notion or belief that this is all a coincidence, the angle that connects the north vertice with the centre of the Queen's Chamber, has to have a correlating, geodetic relationship with the other angles.

At this stage, this is a tall order . . .

As we can see, and even before we begin measuring the angle, whatever this angle is we know that it cannot be 23.5º, 6.5º or 30º.

In fact, one finds that this angle is very close to 11.75º. (11.73º to be precise - again, see Appendix.) For many of us, on first discovering this, the value would appear meaningless . . . until we realise that 11.75º is exactly half the angle of 23.5º.

Figure 6 - The angle of 11.75 º intersects the centre of the Queen's Chamber thereby giving its position within the GP. (Shafts not included for clarity)

So, against all the odds - (if by any chance we could or would prefer to believe that the previous findings are a coincidence) - again we find that this angle from the north vertice to the centre of the QC is indeed compatible and consistent with the previous angles we have found, in that the values of these angles are the same as those with which we began with in fig. 1 . . . angles that are determined by the GP's location on the Earth.

Moreover, the centre of the Queen's Chamber is situated on the central axis of the GP and this means we can plot the same angle from the south vertice and obtain the same result.

Figure 7 - Two angles of 11.75º intersecting the centre of the Queen's Chamber - both angles adding up to 23.5º
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