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The Great Pyramid and the Axis of the Earth - Part 1 (cont.)
By Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn

It is proposed then that the angular difference between the 2 sets of shafts in the Great Pyramid suggests that such an axial shift - if this is indeed what occurred in our remote past - demonstrates an axis shift of around 6.5° in a north to south direction. Thus we may find an explanation as to why the shafts in the Queens Chamber are sealed at both ends, failing to reach the exterior of the pyramid. The symbolic message is clear - the stars that once were 'targeted' from these lower shafts can no longer be targeted from those shafts. They have moved - metaphorically - "out of sight" and can now only be targeted from their new location - i.e. metaphorically "observed" - from the upper shafts of the King's Chamber.

The Great Pyramid Shafts "Track" The Shifting Stars (Earth Tilt)

The Cross-Over

One further piece of evidence in support of the axial shift hypothesis that can be gleaned from the angles of the Great Pyramid shafts relates to the apparent "crossover" of the 2 northern shafts whilst there is no such crossover of the 2 southern shafts. The significance of the crossover of the northern shafts tells us that the axis shift occurred in a counter-clockwise direction.

Were the shafts of the Great Pyramid to have targeted 4 individual stars this could have been achieved simply and easily in the manner shown in Figure 11, with no crossover of the northern shafts.

Figure 11 - The Northern Shafts Could have been Designed with no Cross-Over

However, the builders of the Great Pyramid sought to angle the northern shafts in such a way that the angles "cross-over" (figure 12).

The "cross-over" is the tell-tale 'signature' (i.e. the natural outcome) one would expect to find by targeting a stellar location that has moved from one position to another as would be the case in a change of the Earth's polar axis (figure 13). Had the change in the Earth's polar axis occurred in a clockwise direction then we would likely have seen a crossover of the shafts occurring in the 2 southern shafts with no crossover of the northern shafts.

Figure 12 - The Northern Shafts with the Cross-Over

Figure 13 - The Stars Move Out of Their Place

But could this really be the "information" the shafts of the Great Pyramid are telling us, that a shift of the Earth's polar axis took place in remote antiquity? Is there any other evidence available to us that might indicate the same "message"?

It would appear there is.

In Part 2 of this investigation, the authors will examine other aspects of the Great Pyramid and its design that would seem to lend weight to the idea of the Great Pyramid having been erected as a monument to tell of a tilt of the Earth's polar axis in great antiquity.


The authors would like to extend their gratitude to Rob Miller for checking the veracity of the geometry of the 'Shafts First Solution' presented in this article.

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