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The Giza Codex: Time of the Gods (cont.)
By Scott Creighton

The End of the Cycle

Figure 7a
Figure 7a -The Intersection of the 'Queens' Pyramids Dates the End of the Cycle
Figure 7b
Figure 7b -The Intersection of the 'Queens' Pyramids Dates the End of the Cycle
Figure 7c
Figure 7c -The Intersection of the 'Queens' Pyramids Dates the End of the Cycle

I|t seems then that in the year, 8.066BC, the agent of the Earth's cycle of cataclysm - a cosmic superwave - finally passed and the Earth returned once more to times of relative peace.

What seems remarkable is that when one compares the scientific record back to these dates we find that they correspond with peaks of cosmic activity that is widely believed by scientists to have caused the exctinction of many animal and plant species around the world (circa 10,500BC) and then later around 9,800BC.

The Next Time

And so to the final question - when is this cycle next due? Since we now know the end date of the previous cycle (8,066BC) and the duration between the cycles (11,196 years - see figure 2), it is quite possible to then work out when the next cycle is due, i.e. the return of the Blue Sun, the next galactic core explosion, releasing its deadly cosmic superwave towards our planet.

Figure 8
Figure 8 - Dating the Next Cycle

It seems then that the first flicker of the next Blue Sun (i.e. a galactic core explosion) will be seen in our skies around the year 3,130AD bringing with it a volley of deadly radiation and 666 years later (3,796AD) the second cosmic superwave - and all the debris that comes with it - will sweep over us. It seems that the year 3,796AD is our next date with destiny. What this will mean for our planet at that time is anyone's guess but it is unlikely to be anything good. One thing that is quite certain, however, is that long after the cosmic superwave has finally passed, it is quite likely that the Great Pyramids at Giza will still be standing, ready to pass on their warning to future generations of this deadly, cosmic cycle.

On a final note - the 16th century prophet, Nostradamus, allegedly correctly predicted many future events including, some say, the date of the end of the world. The truth of the matter is actually that Nostradamus's predictions simply end in the year 3,797AD - there are no more predictions from him beyond that year. Is it perhaps possible that we may now have found the reason why?

Article based on 'The Giza Oracle'
Author, Scott Creighton
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