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The Giza Codex: Time of the Gods
By Scott Creighton

Illiantia, the blue sun, appeared in the First Time on the eastern horizon as the smallest flicker of light, exactly as the Guardians had foretold, during the power of the God King Kemenketaph, which is now some twenty generations past. And as Illiantia grew ever larger over the passing ages, becoming even as the true Sun, he suddenly discarded his benign mask, causing many animals and plants to fall before his unseen power, never to rise again.

The Guardians knew that the time of the Judgement was near at hand, that Illiantia would soon strike at the Earth's heart and lay her waste. And so they instructed the priests to count the years from the time when Illiantia had first made his presence known in the eastern sky - 666 years they would count until the Judgement would once again be upon us. For, in truth, the wrath of the blue sun had been witnessed long ago in the Days of the Dawn, its deadly cycle written by the Creators of Arcadiatzl into the Great Pillars of Xhalir, the sacred knowledge of which had been entrusted to the Guardians for all time.

No one, however, could have imagined the fury that befell the Earth in those days. The ground had trembled many times before - but never like this. The city walls that had stood since before the time of the Flying Serpent, had fallen as though built of sand. Winds, the likes of which had never before been witnessed, blew away everything in their path, including the great Pillars of Xhalir - gone forever. And then the burning rocks began to rain from the heavens - their numbers greater even than the stars of creation. And the noise - a terrible thunder that tore the rocks assunder, multiplying their number a thousand times. There was no escaping this frightful fire and fury. The people tried but there was no place safe to shelter.

And still, as much as this terrible affliction had brought the people to their knees, beseeching the Gods of the Creation to spare them, the worst was yet to come. Illiantia would show no mercy to the sons of man. Without warning, the very stars of the stately heavens began to depart from their posts, slowly at first but then faster. They moved out of their places, turning and twisting, seeking new destinies and some falling forever into the depths of the ocean. And all at once, they steadied themselves and moved no more. For a brief moment, everything was quiet and still. But just as the surviving few believed his fury was spent, the waters came - the raging waters that had tumbled the whole Earth, crashed over the mountains and washed the last remnant of Arcadiatzl beneath the waves forever.

Three months of fire and fury and the entire Earth was laid waste. Countless more species of animals and plants had yielded to the mighty wrath and were no more. The few people that clung to life had little to live for. They had not prepared themselves for such anger from Illiantia and would suffer greatly for their penance.

In time the survivors would slowly begin to rebuild their world. However, that mankind had come so close to being removed from the face of the Earth was of great concern to the few Guardians that had survived the great inundation, saved from the Judgement in a great Ark they knew to build before the waters came. And so, they made haste to lay down their knowledge of Illiantia's wrath that future generations might benefit from it and prepare themselves for his certain return.

But with the Pillars of Xhalir having long been turned to dust, a new Codex of the Sacred Knowledge was prepared by the Guardians. In time - many generations after the Codex had been laid down - the sons of the Guardians would ensure the construction of this great codex, building new pillars that would hold within their very dimensions, the sacred knowledge of their forefathers. That the sons of sons should read the pillars and understand, then never again would mankind come so near to his end.

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