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An excerpt from… Children of the Moon (cont.)
By L.M. Brickwood

Katherine felt still a bit shaky "Are we in danger? Do you think?"

"Does look pretty quiet to me. We are probably not more or less at risk, had we stayed at Pemberton."

"Actually, I believe we still have a few hundred years of peace and quiet. I'm pretty sure that the floods started somewhere between 11,000 and 9,000 years ago. I mean…you know what I mean. So much closer to our time."

"Alright, having sorted this out, let's plan our approach." Chryseis thought it best to be more pragmatic now. To have some kind of a strategy.

"What do you suggest, Chris?"

"I say we check this town out. Make sure it's not a fata morgana. If we meet somebody, we'll…try and look as normal as possible. We might even understand the language to an extent."

"Okay, Chris, you are the expert. It's your job then to figure out the language."

"Yes, I can do that." Chryseis agreed "Perhaps it's best, if Trevor talks at first. I believe that in many prehistoric societies females weren't so much in the foreground. In case these people are ancient Greeks."

"Right. Then let's get our story right. In case we can communicate. Kids might not just travel all by themselves around here. It's possible that we'll draw attention to us." Trevor threw in.

"No problem. We'll say that we lost our way and… that we are visiting with our parents. We could be staying with friends… and we don't remember where." Chris liked the mind game. "Let them figure out what and who and where."

"Before they are any wiser for it, we'll be gone again." Trevor concluded.

"What, …what if they are hostile. I mean, even if we can communicate?" Katherine was not so hopeful. This wasn't exactly familiar territory.

"Well, then we use our virtual invisibility capes. That's what we brought them for. We make our way back up here as quickly as possible and travel back. Let's keep these thingies handy."

They made sure their headgear was in place. The devices tested perfectly.

Chryseis took out her digital camera "Wait, I want to take a photograph of this place before we go. Do you mind Katie?"

Katherine took a photograph of Chris before the valley next to the pine trees. The temple was visible in the background. Although not very sharp.

"Now you two. Lean against that cedar tree over there. Yeah like that. Smile." Chryseis said with a wry mouth, squinting through the autofocus. Click.

"Good, we should document this trip as much as we can." Trevor was in his element. This was research at its best.

"What for? Nobody is going to believe us back home anyway." Katherine said.

"Who knows, it might come in handy one day. And if not, we will have something for memory's sake." Nothing could shake Trevor's enthusiasm now.

"Or we could write a book about it." Chryseis offered, cheeks glowing.


"In any case, keeping some kind of a journal does make scientific sense." Katherine agreed at last.

"Yes, and we should take turns in recording what we experience. At the very least, it'll keep us in touch with reality. We might face rather unusual things." Chryseis answered. The thought of 'rather unusual things' was slightly unsettling for Katherine. Best not think about it too much.

"Can we go now?" Trevor couldn't wait to see more of this place.

"I pray that we will be safe." Katherine murmured in a low voice.

Then they started down the rocky footpath.

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