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An excerpt from… Children of the Moon (cont.)
By L.M. Brickwood

"Oh dear me, what are we going to do now?" Katherine tied her hair back into a ponytail. "We can't just openly promenade into suburbia... And ask for the way to the nearest youth hostel."

"Hah, just imagine that." Trevor grinned, "Everybody will surely speak English, give us directions and not notice our clothes and all."

"Yeah right, very funny." Chryseis didn't think this was amusing.

"Have you lost your sense of humour, Chris?" Trevor was puzzled. What was going on with everyone? He thought it was marvelous to be in the past.

"I wonder what people here are like. Do you think they might be Native Americans?"

"Didn't look like it to me. They seem more like ancient Greeks or something." Katherine thought for a moment "Where are ancient Greeks supposed to come from? Perhaps we ended up in a different country..."

"The buildings are not exactly adobe either, if I'm not mistaken. In any case, we are on the East Coast not in the Far West." Trevor thought aloud "But I wouldn't be surprised. We know so little about this era. Or time travel in general for that matter."

"We can't be sure about anything right now. Perhaps they are Spanish, or Greek or whatever they were called back then."

"Katie, we are definitely not in Europe. I mean, the hills and the rocks, where we discovered the timeportal. They haven't changed much, so we must still be in the same place! Well, sort of."

They discussed the facts for a while.

"Atlantis? No way, Trevor. The existence of Atlantis has not even been proven yet. Never mind here on our good old solid American mainland. No, I don't believe that."

"This place must have been colonized a very long time ago. There are no traces left in our time, that's for sure."

"No kidding! Imagine the headlines: Greek settlement discovered in Carter Valley from…"

"How long ago exactly, Chris?" Trevor asked anxiously. They hadn't thought of checking the time reference display.

"Let me see, I activated only the first harmonics level, so we should have arrived between 10,000 and 13,000 before the present, or B.P. The display shows precisely 11,752 years B.P. Welcome to the past ladies and gentlemen!" She changed her voice in a bad copy of Dr. Broadbent's usual introductions. It was actually a bit silly, but they broke up laughing anyway.

Imagine Dr. Broadbent making such a stern announcement on a daytrip to the past! It seemed unreal, so far in the future now. Then the friends grew serious. They had arrived a long time ago. Almost 12,000 years back in time. The fact had to sink in.

"So, we are roughly 12,000 years before our modern time. No chance of seeing dinosaurs then. Perhaps some attractive cavemen?"

"Isn't this the period when extensive flooding was supposed to have occurred worldwide? The end of the Pleistocene. Seawater swallowed up major stretches of coastland everywhere. Due to the melting of the ice caps in the Polar Regions, I think."

"You're right, Katie. Some even say that meteorites hit the earth, and caused the flooding and shifts in the earth surface. Remember the research on the Blue Hole of Belize?"

Chryseis thought of the gripping documentary film, they had watched on the Adventure Channel a few weeks ago. An enormous ancient cave, stalactites and all, sunk beneath South American coastal waters. Presumably in prehistoric times.

"It is rather warm here, that's for sure." Katherine tied her jacket to the straps of her backpack.

"Then let's wait for the big event."

"Chris, don't joke about stuff like that! It's scary."

Trevor suddenly grew quiet "Do you realize that we practically know nothing about this place or time. Only vague theories we learned back home. All sorts of things could happen."

"And so they could in our own time! These things are almost impossible to predict."

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