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An excerpt from… Children of the Moon (cont.)
By L.M. Brickwood

"Let's go back please!" she pleaded with her friends. "Please!" She was trembling.

"We did it, we can't just leave without at least looking around a bit, Katie." Chryseis stood up energetically "We'd be some scientists, if we left now."

"We just proved something incredible. You should be proud of your work." Trevor looked at Katherine. She covered her eyes with her hand. It was getting really warm now and her dark hair stuck to her face, but she felt cold.

"Are you okay, Katie?" Trevor began to get worried about his friend "I'm sure we will be fine."

He knelt down beside her and put his hand on Katherine's shoulder.

"There." He wiped her hair back in an unexpected brotherly gesture "We'll be fine." he repeated, although he wasn't exactly sure about it himself.

"It's awful, we are so far away. What if we can never go back?"

"Of course, we can and we are not that far away, we landed in the same spot. Up to now it's working quite perfectly. The reference point in the future is memorized. You know that..."

"Nobody and nothing we are familiar with is here now." She interrupted him "Not even close. I'm scared."

"Katherine MacDougal, pull yourself together" Chryseis began to feel hot and bothered. Why was Katherine putting on such an act?

"This was the whole idea from the beginning."

"Yes, I know, but I never thought it would work like that, in reality I mean."

"Well, it did work. And this is not the time to panic or chicken out."

Then realizing that she had been a bit harsh with her best friend, Chryseis took out her water bottle and held it in front of Katherine's lips.

"Here Katie, drink slowly. That's it." Katherine drank thirstily and colour returned to her face.

"Are you feeling better?" Trevor was still wondering if she was in shock. Who knows what this time travelling could do to you. "Perhaps we should take our jackets off, I'm hot." He said and struggled to get his left arm out of the sleeve.

Katherine obediently took her jacket off as well. Chryseis put her jacket on top of her backpack and jumped on her feet.

"I want to see what's behind those trees over there." She decided.

Trevor and Chryseis walked towards the trees and stared into Carter Valley in disbelief. They didn't notice the fat brightly coloured lizard, which sat motionless on the bark of the cedar tree closest to them, basking in the warm midday sun.

"No, come on now. That's impossible. I must be dreaming." Chryseis laugheduneasily.

Katherine followed the others reluctantly to get a look of the valley. She pushed aside a few prickly twigs.

"What, what is it?"

Trevor did not say a word. He just kept staring mouth open at the unexpected scenery. The lizard was startled out of its nap by the sudden disturbance. It slithered up the tree and hid on a higher branch. Ogling a juicy green fly, the lizard made its move quickly.

"Wow", Trevor seemed to have regained his composure "Check that out! No, that's unbelievable!"

The valley had changed. Dramatically. Were they still in the same place?

"There are streets down there...and houses. It's a proper town. Not a nature reserve anymore." He exclaimed.

"Oh m y s t a r s!" Chryseis seemed just as stunned by what she saw.

"Stop kidding around, that's not funny at all. Let me see!" Katherine moved between her friends - and was as startled as they were by the view.

"Maybe it's a dream!" she said in awe.

For some reason she couldn't close her mouth.

"What, all three of us dreaming the same dream at the same time?" Chryseis asked

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