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An excerpt from… Children of the Moon (cont.)
By L.M. Brickwood

Chapter 6

Portal into Time

Holly Benson saw the three children disappear between the rocks lower down, away from the footpath. Suspecting some planned wrongdoing by her rivals, she pretended to have a weak bladder. Then she followed them off the path to the platform. Always keeping a save distance. She didn't want to tip them off. Natasha knew of course, what she was planning to do. Holly was pleased to see that Chryseis and her friends broke the rule laid down by Dr. Broadbent. It was easier than she thought. Sally would fill in the gaps later.

Hah gotcha! One to nil for Holly.

She was about to turn around and alert one of the teachers, when something uncanny happened. Something really weird. She ducked, because Trevor now faced her direction holding something in his hand. She hid behind the large boulder. Holly was so close she could have touched Katherine's arm had she wanted to.

Holly couldn't believe her eyes.

Trevor jumped first. Into the boulder in front of him!

"Oh no, no please!"

Katherine grew rigid with fear and was pulled into the portal by Chryseis. She wanted to tell her friend that they needed to stay together. But as soon as they had entered the vortex, she couldn't utter a sound. Everything happened so fast. Then…the three children were gone. They had disappeared into the rock!


Seized by a circling motion, drawing them deeper into the portal, they spun round and round. There was a high-pitched rushing sound. Then suddenly the timeportal spewed them out again. It had lasted not even half a minute.

Nothing had changed.

Trevor sat stunned on the ground before the portal. Staring at the electromagnetic curtain on the boulder before him. He still held the timeportal finder in his hand. The waves oscillated further apart and grew faint. Then the waves were gone.

Nothing about the rock gave away, that moments before there had been a timeportal. Spinning them around in a vortex right here. Now it was just another inconspicuous piece of grey rock. This was unexpected.

Chryseis and Katherine sat next to him. Why were they all sitting on the ground?

"I wonder, if we made a mistake, we should have travelled."

But they had made no mistake.

The rocky ledge behind them had moved further out, extending the platform. A clump of cedar trees and undergrowth blocked the direct view into the valley. It took the children a few minutes to collect themselves. They had definitely arrived at a different point in time. But at which point?

"Wow, that was awesome!"

"I can't believe that we did it. We actually did it!"

"And no monsters either."

Chryseis looked at her watch. Only seven minutes since they had jumped.

Katherine's face looked pale.

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