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An excerpt from… Children of the Moon
By L.M. Brickwood

L.M. Brickwood

L.M. Brickwood is the critically acclaimed South African author of the youth novel 'Children of the Moon.' The book relates the fascinating journey taken by three gifted teens, who use their knowledge of quantum physics to travel 12 000 years back in time. They arrive in Cydonia, the capital of a country called Alesia, and venture into a fantastic world. People, animals and plants in this advanced civilization are not at all what they expected. Here they also encounter technology without electricity, strange-looking cave dwellers and a very different justice system. Cydonians fly around in vimaans and use an astonishing substance called têrakhon. Soon they wonder if it isn't too dangerous to keep exploring.

The novel, from which two chapters are published as an excerpt here, is the first in a series of five books that will detail the adventures of the three characters as they explore more surprisingly advanced prehistoric civilizations.

The idea behind the series was to breathe life into a long forgotten world and give teens and adults, who would not normally read serious non-fiction, access to an epoch long before recorded history.

Born in Karlsruhe Germany, L.M. Brickwood has a strong background in cultural sciences and is a skilled linguist. She worked in Botswana for development agencies, before relocating to South Africa, where she studied to become an I.T. consultant. Brickwood served as an active member on various business committees, before embarking on her successful writing career.

She is now a member of PEN, a well-known international association for published authors, and lives in Johannesburg with her husband and two children.

'Children of the Moon' was received with enthusiasm by the South African press. Great interest was registered from overseas and the book is now also available in the USA. Other countries are set to follow. A German publisher is currently considering 'Children of the Moon' for their list.

L.M. Brickwood's profiles can be viewed on Facebook and MySpace.

'Children of the Moon'

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