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A Study Of Catastrophes circa-3200bce and circa-2200bce (cont.)
By Andy Blackard

Approximately 2000bce - Cultural Revivals, Migrations and Social Reorganizations

Afterwards the 2200bce catastrophe, there appears to be significant evidence of the appearance of new cities and cultures, and ancient monuments appear in what could have been a revitalization of surviving cultures and migration of cultures into new areas including the Beaker people arriving in England. This time period includes the biblical narrative of the migration of Abraham who was born about this time according to many scholars. Genesis refers to multiple droughts during Abraham's lifetime.

However, the return to "normal" climate circa 2000bce may have also triggered the end of cultures who had relocated to the regions where the rainfall temporarily shifted during the climatic upsets of 2200bce. For example, the Caucasian Loulan mummies found in China's Taklimakan Desert date to this time. [42]


  • 2000bce: Guatamala - Proposed date of start of Mayan pre-classical period
  • 2000bce: Ecuador - Structures at Santa Ana- La Florida in the south of Ecuador may belong to one first great Amazon-Andean civilizations [79]
  • 2000bce: Peru - Earliest settlements on islands of Lake Titicaca [84]
  • 2000bce: Mexico - Origins of Teotihuacan [83]
  • 2000bce: El Salvador - Olmecs first appear in Chalchuapa in western El Salvador [130]


  • 2100-2080bce: Start of Egypt’s Middle Kingdom [77]

Middle East

  • 2125bce: Neosumerian period/ziggurat construction phase started at Ur [73]
  • 2100bce: Pyramids in Greece[81]
  • 2025bce: Mesopotamia - First Babylonian empire formed by Amorites [85] [126]
  • 2000bce: Mesopotamia - Cuniform tablet: "The Curse of Agade: The Ekur Avenged" [117]
  • 2006bce: Mesopotamia - Cuniform tablet: "Lamentation over the Destruction of Ur"[117] [118]
  • 2000bce: Mesopotamia - Cuniform tablet: "Lamentation over the Destruction of Nippur"[117]
  • 2000bce: The first agricultural tribes appeared on the Bactrian Plain (Afghanistan). (NG, 3/90, p.62)
  • 2100-1800bce: Abraham born in Ur [78][103][125]

Far East

  • 2100bce: China - Start of Xia/Shang Dynasty. (Later thought to have influenced Olmec in Mesoamerica)[77] [104]
  • 2000bce: Japan - Jomon culture flourished [125]


  • 2200bce: England - First appearance of Beaker People [86]
  • 2050bce: England - Norfolk tree ring [137]
  • c2000bce: England - Silbury Hill, located on the prehistoric site of Avebury
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