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A Study Of Catastrophes circa-3200bce and circa-2200bce (cont.)
By Andy Blackard

Approximately 3,200bce - Multi-Regional Catastrophes and Collapse of Uruk of Mesopotamia and Indian Cities

The approximate date 3200bce marks the first cluster of events that seized my attention. I believe this date may mark the simultaneous occurrence of multi-regional catastrophic events around the world.

In the early decades of archeology, archeologists pointed to the centuries following this date as the appearance of the "first" highly-urbanized centers in Sumeria and Egypt. Additionally, this date had significance in the Mayan calendar and in the mythology of India. This synchonicity of cultural events in Egypt, Sumeria, India and the Yucatan first gave me the idea of possible global connections. More recently, contemporaneous advanced urban centers in Syria have also been found.

However, I now wonder if the traditional interpretations of these finds have been in error and these are merely the oldest highly-urban centers that remain above water and within the reach of our archeological technology in the desert sands. My hypothesis is that the cluster of urban centers built around 3000bce may represent the rebuilding of civilization after a major catastrophe that erased all traces of earlier sites. Therefore, I suggest that these sites dating to around 3000bce are merely the oldest that remain for us to find as opposed to the actual first locations of highly-urbanized civilization. Older coastal cities may be currently under water and therefore undiscovered. Older inland cities may still be buried in the Sahara, the Gobi or the deserts of Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, or Peru.

At least two epic floods in the Middle East preceded this series of catastrophes and are unrelated. These flood events were caused by melting of the icecaps. The Black Sea flood of 5500bce occurred when the Mediterranean Sea broke through the Bosporus and flooded a fresh water lake and the basin surrounding it.[115] The Flandrian Transgression caused the flooding the Persian Gulf in 5000-4000bce when sea water breached the Straits of Hormuz and gave rise to the flood myth of Gilgamesh and probably the Biblical Eden. [111] Either could have been the source of the Biblical flood of Noah.

Here are some of the significant events that I have observed that occurred around the approximate date of 3200bce and perhaps are, in some complex manner, connected:


  • 3200bce: Early Holocene abrupt climate change 3200bce [1]
  • 3100bce: Atlantic Ocean -widespread cooling by 1° to 2°C [35]
  • 3000bce: End the Holocene Climatic Optimum [124]


  • 3500-3300bce: South Carolina, USA - evidence of a sudden sea level rise around 3500bce and then a rapid 2 meter drop in 3400-3300bce. [3]
  • 3200bce: Peru - glacial ice core indicates abrupt and very large-scale climatic event [24]
  • 3200bce: glaciers in both Peru and Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro indicate extreme drought [14]
  • 3200bce: New Mexico, USA - Carrizozo lava flow [63]
  • 3114bce: Yucatan - Mayan god, Tezcatilpoca, brought a flood to destroy mankind and ending the previous age. [45]
  • 3000bce: America - El Nino Event [51]
  • 3000bce: America - Osceola mudflow at Mt. Rainier, Wa [52]
  • 3000bce: Columbia - San Lorenzo fault line formed [92]
  • 3000bce: North Carolina, USA - Sudden cooling caused decline of settlements [119]


  • 3500-3200bce: Nile River, Egypt - drier period at about 3500 BCE followed by a short wet spike at about 3200 BCE [25]
  • 3450bce Africa - Abrupt termination of the African Humid Period [60]
  • 3000bce: Egypt - Lake Chad one hundred feet higher until 3000 BCE [25]
  • 3000bce: Termination of African humid period [14]
  • 3000bce: Egypt - Sudden 1/2 meter rise of Red Sea [59]
  • 3000bce: Africa - Sudan's the Meidob volcanoes erupted about 3000BC and 3050BC [121

Middle East

  • 3200-3000bce: Mesopotamia - late Uruk society collapsed suddenly [37]
  • 3200-3000bce:Mesopotamia - Soreq Cave and Gulf of Oman sediments indicate abrupt climate change [34]
  • 3200bce: Aegean Sea - sea surface temperature and seabed oxygen level reached modern value after a change [62]
  • 3000bce: Turkey - aridity indicated by wind-blown quartz deposited in Lake Van at source of Tigris River[35]
  • 3000bce: Turkey - Lake Van showed 30-60 meter fall in the water level.[36]
  • 3000bce: Canaan - Dead Sea water level dropped 100 meters[36]
  • 3000bce: Oman - Apparent reduction of large-scale agriculture [96][97]
  • 3000bce: Baltic Sea - Kaali meteorite must have hit the island of Saaremaa causing it to rise above sea level [113]


  • 3200bce: India - cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa, were almost completely abandoned [36]
  • 3100bce: India - legend that Dwarka became submerged and Krishna died [16]
  • 3051bce: India - Mahabharata War in Ancient India.

East Asia

  • 3000bce: Japan - End of early Jomon cultural era (started 8000-10,000bce) [89]


  • 3200bce: Romania - Cave stalagmite O-18 depletion indicates cold event [61]
  • 3117bce English Megalith alignment [48]
  • 3000bce: Sweden/Ireland/Norway - peak in micro-meteorites in peat bogs [49]
  • 3000bce: Australia/Poland - impact craters [6]
  • 3000bce: Denmark - Rapid sediment accumulation in forest [74]
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