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The Secret History of the World (cont.)
By Jonathan Black

In the late nineteenth century, writing of the totality of reality as consisting of 'the playground of numberless Universes incessantly manifesting and disappearing', Madame Blavatsky prophesied some of the leaps forward that science would make in the twentieth century. Although many leading scientists in the twenty first century are into possible universes and multiple dimensions, I suspect most of us live - in terms of our every day, unthought out world-view - in a solid, common sense sort of universe with just one dimension. There causality is still a matter of atom knocking against atom like billiard balls - with an entirely predictable result.

This leads, I believe, to two closely related and very common logical fallacies. These fallacies are typical of scientific correctness. One is to believe that if an event can be shown to have one cause, no other causes of it are possible. So an example relevant to my work would be to believe that because thunder and lightning can now be explained in terms of clashing blocks of air and electricity, this proves that they cannot be the result of the anger of a god.

Another example which relates to a common belief today would be that if you could capture on CCTV a pigeon shedding a feather just before you walked into view, then you would know that that is the cause of your sighting of the feather, not that an angel is trying to send you a message.

The reality we are more likely to recognize if we don't have an anti-spiritual axe to grind is that we commonly accept that simple events have infinite networks of causes behind them, and so that, in these examples, there is nothing contrary to logic about supposing that both the mechanical and spiritual explanations may be true at the same time.

One might call this fallacy - with a little ironic nod to the law of excluded middle - the law of excluded cause.

Closely related to this fallacy is another one to do with the interpretation of texts. According to this fallacy, if it can be shown that, for example, biblical or mythological stories such as the conquest of the Promised Land, Jason and the Argonauts or the siege of Troy are descriptions of astronomical events or alchemical processes, they cannot be true descriptions of historical events.

That simply does not follow. To borrow Alvin Plantinga's tools of analysis, there are many possible universes in which both these interpretations are true.

Indeed in the esoteric universe of my book, ALL true descriptions of events on this planet are also true descriptions of astronomical events.

One of the aims of my book was to give consciousness a slight nudge away from the billiard ball view to something more mutli-dimensional, more in tune with the reality of inter-penetrating realms.

* * *

Interpenetrating realms are also reflected in the form of some esoteric literature. I'm sure that anyone reading this will be familiar with cabalistic number mysticism and the idea that there are other texts encoded within the first five books of the Bible. A Cambridge-based statistician came to me recently with some texts he had derived using 'skip codes' and had then had translated from Hebrew into English. These texts were a bit fragmentary, as if the skip code were not 100% accurate, but in subject matter and form they were somewhat like the Psalms.

It seems to me entirely possible that this kind of research will eventually yield entire other books encoded within the books of the Old Testament. And the question that naturally arises is will these other books have further books encoded in them and so on to infinitude?

To write books with other books encoded within them would seem to require supernatural intelligence. Yet great initiates including Rabelais and his contemporary at Montpellier University, Nostradamus, as well as Shakespeare are sometimes said to have written in what is sometimes called the Green Language - a language that reflects different orders of reality in its different layers of meaning.

I leave you with one last possibility. Perhaps we all think, speak, write the Green Language all the time? Perhaps the only difference between us and the great initiates, is that we do it unconsciously?

* * *

A senior publisher I know - a rather down to earth and worldly fellow, I don't think he'd mind me saying - started to read The Secret history of the World, saying he was not sure if he could take it seriously - was not even sure he was meant to take it seriously. In fact he may have used the phrase 'apparently barmy'! But by the end he said had began to see life from a slightly different angle, to notice connections. A senior publicist of a rather more spiritual inclination, who began to read it at the same time, started to experience some mild, supernatural phenomena. The last I heard they were panning a trip together to the British Museum to stand in front of the Lohan - a statue alluded to in my book which seems to have mysterious properties.

I can't claim my book offers initiation. As I explain, I am not an initiate myself. But feedback like this reminds me how much help I have had writing this book and that much of the imagery that flows through the narrative was devised by minds far more intelligent than mine to work at a below the conscious level.

The Dawkins tendency has had it pretty much its own way recently. I believe that nothing will turn the tide of materialism except real, lived spiritual experience. When you've had that, you don't believe. As Jung said, you know - and that, as I try to show in my writing, is what the esoteric teaching of the secret societies has always offered.

The Secret History of the World, by Jonathan Black, published in paperback by Quercus Books, London, 2008, is available from all good bookshops and from

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