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Exploring Geographic and Geometric Relationships Along a Line of Ancient Sites Around the World (cont)

By Jim Alison


Angkor Wat is 4,745 miles from the Great Pyramid and the Great Pyramid is 7,677 miles from Nazca. This is a precise expression of Ø, the Golden Section:

4,745 x 1.618 = 7,677 Figure 2
Figure 4
Angkor Prassat Preah Vihear
Figure 5
The Hummingbird

Ninety miles northeast of Angkor Wat are the Angkor temples at Prassat Preah Vihear. Prassat Vihear is 4754 miles from the Great Pyramid. The line of ancient sites crosses over the Great Pyramid and Angkor Vihear.

Twenty five miles northwest of the city of Nazca is a figure known as the Hummingbird. The Hummingbird is 7,692 miles from the Great Pyramid. The line of ancient sites also crosses over the Hummingbird.

The relationship between the distances from Angkor Vihear to the Great Pyramid, and from the Great Pyramid to the Hummingbird at Nazca, is also a precise expression of Φ:

4,754 x 1.618 = 7,692

Because the distance from the Hummingbird to Angkor Vihear is one-half of the circumference of the earth, two Golden Section relationships between these sites are shown by the circumference of the earth along the line of ancient sites:

Figure 3

These Golden Section relationships may also be diagramed on a straight line:

Figure 6

The line of ancient sites is a line, from the perspective of the illustration in Part One, and it is a circle, from the perspective of the illustration in Part Six. The line and the circle are found in the greek letter Ø and the number 10. Zero and one are also the first two numbers and the only two numbers in the binary code. The phi relationships between these sites are reflected repeatedly in the first 500 fibonacci numbers. The first three prime numbers, 2, 3 and 5, approximate the intervals along the circumference of 20%, 30% and 50%, between these three sites.

This same percentage of the circumference relationship, accurate to three digits, is found in fibonacci numbers 137-139:

Percentage of circumference: First three digits of fibonacci numbers:
Angkor to Giza: 19.1% #137: 191... (Prime)
Giza to Nazca: 30.9% #138: 309...
Nazca to Angkor: 50.0% #139: 500...

The next prime fibonacci number after #137 is #359. The distances between these sites, in miles, is reflected by fibocacci numbers 359-361, accurately to five digits:

Distance between sites: First five digits of fibonacci numbers:
Angkor to Giza: 4,754 miles #359: 47542... (Prime)
Giza to Nazca: 7,692 miles #360: 76924...
Nazca to Angkor: 12,446 miles #361: 12446...
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