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Exploring Geographic and Geometric Relationships Along a Line of Ancient Sites Around the World (cont)

By Jim Alison


The Great Pyramid is aligned with the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; the Chinese city of Xian, site of the terracotta soldiers, the unexcavated tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, and numerous other pyramids and burial mounds; and the underwater ruins of Nan Madol that surround Pohnpei Island.

Figure 28
Image © Cosmi 3-D World Atlas

Coordinates, Calculations of Alignments, and Links to Ancient Sites

Links: Latitude Longitude Distance to:
50° 40'N 103° 30'W
Great Circle
The Great Pyramid 29° 59' N 31° 09' E 6217 miles 2 miles
Jerusalem 31° 44' N 35° 13' E 6213 miles 2 miles
Xian 34° 22' N 109° 'E 6236 miles 21 miles
Pohnpei 6° 56' N 158° 09 'E 6216 miles 1 mile
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