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Exploring Geographic and Geometric Relationships Along a Line of Ancient Sites Around the World (cont)

By Jim Alison


In Global Sacred Alignments, Terry Walsh diagrams several alignments of ancient sites on straight lines around the center of the earth, and mentions several others. He addresses the alignment of the Great Pyramid with Easter Island, Machupicchu and Perseopolis, and he diagrams an alignment of Easter Island with Tiahuanaco, Luxor, Varanasi and Bandiagara, the ancient capital city of the Dogons. This second alignment also crosses over Mohenjo Daro and Ganweriwali in the Indus Vallley.

Figure 27
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The total circumference of this second alignment is 24,880 miles. The great circle distance from Easter Island to Tiahuanaco is 2,703 miles, 10.8% of the total circumference. The distance from Tiahuanaco to Bandiagara is 4,930 miles, 19.8%. The distance from Bandiagara to Luxor is 2,473 miles, 9.9%. The distance from Luxor to Easter Island’s antipodal point in the Indus Valley near Ganweriwali is 2,363 miles, 9.5%.

Because Easter Island, Machupicchu, the Great Pyramid, the Indus Valley and Angkor are also aligned at 10% intervals around the earth, there is a high coincidence of paired sites along these two alignments. In addition to the convergence of the two alignments at Easter Island and Mohenjo-Daro, Machupicchu is paired with Tiahuanaco and the Great Pyramid is paired with Luxor. If the pairing of these sites along these two alignments is not a coincidence, two good places to look for other ancient sites would be in the Sahara Desert, near the border between Mali and Mauritania, at 21° N, 7° 40' W, 2,488 miles southwest of the Great Pyramid, and in the shallow water of the South China Sea, just off the coast of Vietnam, at 18° 43' N, 106° 27' E, 2,488 miles southeast of Mohenjo-Daro.

Coordinates, Calculations of Alignments, and Links to Ancient Sites

Links: Latitude Longitude Distance To Axis Point:
59°42'N 139°17'W
Distance To:
Great Circle
Easter Island 27° 04' S 109° 22' W 6,224 miles 9 miles
Machupicchu 13° 08' S 72° 30' W 6,218 miles 3 miles
The Great Pyramid 29° 59' N 31° 09' E 6,215 miles 0 miles
Petra 30° 09' N 35° 47' E 6,218 miles 3 miles
Perseopolis 29° 50' N 52° 52' E 6,209 miles 6 miles
Mohenjo Daro 27° 15' N 68° 17' E 6,222 miles 7 miles
Angkor Vihear 14° 25' N 104° 40' E 6,220 miles 0 miles

Links: Latitude Longitude Distance To Axis Point:
62° 30' N 123° 10' W
Distance To:
Great Circle
Easter Island 27° 04' S 109° 22' W 6,216 miles 1 mile
Tiahuanaco 16° 32' S 68° 42' W 6,187 miles 28 miles
Bandiagara 14° 21' N 3° 37' W 6,228 miles 13 miles
Luxor 25° 43' N 32° 35' E 6,208 miles 7 miles
Mohenjo-Daro 27° 15' N 68° 17' E 6,216 miles 1 mile
Varanasi 25° 21' N 82° 58' E 6,210 miles 5 miles
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